Algorithmic Trading for the Savvy Investor

Who is Alpha Hub?

How does it work?

How much does it cost to run your Hedge Fund?

Getting Started - 7 Steps

Enter Alpha Hub credentials under Settings/Connectors
Install AlphaHub Strategy
Set the algorithm
  1. Select the account where to install the algorithm. If you’re using the Alpaca broker you should have 2 accounts: Paper (virtual money) and Live accounts. Select the Live Account to trade the signal with your brokerage account.
  2. Select the AlphaHub algorithm you want to use. Check on the AlphaHub website to understand the information about each algorithm.
  3. Set the amount to use per trade. The suggested value is 100% Total Value (calculated as the sum of cash and equity in your account). This setting works well if you have a 2X margin or more, you’re using an algorithm that trades one stock per day (like “AlphaHub The Optimizer”) and you don't have other holdings.
Algorithm Summary
Arcade Trader Home Page
Algorithm Activity
Candlestick Chart


Useful Resources




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The Marketplace for Investors, Traders and Quants

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